“ Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression “ – Nelson Mandela

Staying true to Mandela’s opinion, Reach Law has been a pioneer in the field of championing women’s rights for the last three decades. 

We have been involved with various NGOs and women’s organisations to provide legal support on cases related to women. We deal with a variety of issues encompassing Divorce, Custodial rights, Dowry, Cruelty, sexual harassment, abuse, forced marriage, sex worker rights, equal opportunity issues, discriminatory disputes to name a few.

Our research areas focus on reproductive rights, gender discrimination and intersectionality. Our research initiatives, policy work, consultation and interventions have helped advance the cause of autonomy of women. We routinely organise workshops to promote awareness amongst women about their rights.

Gender sensitization drives have been an integral part of Reach Law’s efforts in the space of women’s rights. We have held training sessions to enlighten organisations about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act and the practical aspect of harassment. 

We have collaborations with multiple women’s organisations which has enabled us to undertake a vast number of pro bono cases. We seek to work towards a world where the hand that rocks the cradle has a fair chance to rule the world.