We are an organisation driven by a passion for law practice and profound respect for the institution of law. Over the years, our experience spanning across sectors ranging from labour law to criminal defence leaves us adept at problem solving. We recognise that solutions do not lie just in the letter of the law, but rather in building and sustaining relationships with the institutions within the law through a passionate and sincere approach to law practice. This approach founded upon integrity, has inspired trust in our intentions and abilities across the judiciary and law enforcement, making us uniquely suited to add value to our clients and augment their interests. Our expertise in the following areas are well known.

Counterfeiting and Piracy

With our body of work and experience in criminal law, litigation and dispute resolution, we have the resources, expertise and experience necessary to execute Intellectual property protection strategies swiftly and effectively. With a team comprising of expertise in Intellectual Property Management as well as in litigation, our portfolio of services include not just enforcement of civil remedies but also swift action under criminal law to address concerns for public safety from piracy and counterfeiting activities.


Trade Secret Enforcement, Corporate malfeasance and Fraud Prevention

Reach law’s experience in corporate crimes, particularly theft and breach of trust, places us in a position uniquely suited to help clients enforce trade secret policies and prevent data theft, fraud and corporate malfeasance. Our services in this regard include designing processes to protect and manage trade secrets, development of standard operating procedures for fraud response, designing of trade secret policies and enforcement of trade secrets through strategies based on existing criminal legislations and contracts and enforcement of criminal remedies in areas such as private sector corruption, employee fraud and breach of trust.

Food and Beverage Practice

Our lawyers have considerable experience practicing before the trial courts and in criminal defence. We are thus adept at understanding prosecution of offences under the Food Standards and Safety Act, 2006 and in formulating in a formidable defence to such enforcement action. In addition, our senior attorneys have appeared regularly in the High Court as well, allowing us to handle the entire spectrum of product liability defence starting from the magistrate courts all the way to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.


Training and Capacity Building

Our approach to law practice is best summarised by the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. With our experience in law practice and the diverse body of work handled by us, our lawyers have well tuned threat perception and ability to identify problem areas that lead to litigations. As such, we can train the relevant work force within businesses on all subjects such as corporate crimes, contract management, labour relations and Intellectual Property and set up processes to minimise the risk of litigations. We achieve this through customised training programs followed by retainer engagements that regularly advise the training beneficiaries to meaningful implement the wisdom received by them.