Our approach to law practice is best summarised by the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. With our experience in law practice and the diverse body of work handled by us, our lawyers have well tuned threat perception and ability to identify problem areas that lead to litigations. As such, we can train the relevant work force within businesses on all subjects such as corporate crimes, contract management, labour relations and Intellectual Property and set up processes to minimise the risk of litigations. We achieve this through customised training programs followed by retainer engagements that regularly advise the training beneficiaries to meaningful implement the wisdom received by them.

ReachLaw recognizes the importnace of training on legal education.  It conducts workshops and seminars at regular intervals, to promote an understanding of laws and the nuances of the legal frame work, to empower & equip individuals and organizations to access the justice system, and discuss effective strategies to prevent and handle crisis situation. These programmes are organized for students, lawyers, activists, government officials, the police, organisations, individuals and corporate. We also organize time to time judicial colloquia to inform the judiciary on the latest development in various cases laws, amendments, policies and international law. Through its chapter SLDi (Socio Legal Development Initiative) runs a holistic legal resource training centre to empower and hone the skills of young lawyers with the requisite qualitative knowledge about the specific case laws and allied procedures of courts and which shall help them understand the finer nuances of the working of the legal justice system in India.

Report on Skill Development Training Programme for Dalit Lawyers.