The firm is led by Mr. B T Venkatesh and members of the firm strive to understand the client’s requirements and together with their grasp of the laws and the practical experience gained by them have successfully completed several complex litigations and also known for their pro bono litigation for underprivileged and marginalized communities.



B T Venkatesh enrolled as an Advocate in the year 1986. In a career spanning three decades, his body of work has involved many roles ranging from acting as lead internal counsel for a multi national construction firm to being an independent Advocate with a diverse body of litigation experience. In his experience as a Litigation counsel, he has represented clients in Intellectual Property litigations, corporate criminal liability matters,  labour and industrial disputes, real estate litigations, criminal trials and family law litigation. He served as the State Public Prosecutor in the High Court of Karnataka, during which time he represented the State in numerous high profile cases.

He has a significant passion for pro bono work and has advanced the cause of vulnerable populations such as sexual minorities, indigenous tribes, women and children against human rights abuses and violations. Outside of his work as a litigator, Mr. Venkatesh is a well known speaker and writer who regularly delivers lectures across the country, besides authoring a number of fact finding reports, papers and articles. Mr. Venkatesh’s work has been featured in and inspired numerous documentaries and short films, the prominent ones being “Purple Skies” by Sridhar Rangayan and “Let the Butterflies Fly” by Gopal Menon.


  • Human Rights Violations against Sexual Minorities in India, A PUCL-K fact-finding report about Bangalore
  • Worrying Conditions Of Sub Contracted Indian Workers In Iraq: Gross Violation Of Human Rights- Need For An Enquiry



N K Vinoda is a Partner specializing in the field of Corporate Criminal Liability.  She brings in the required expertise in the field of corporate criminal liability. Highly motivated with excellent research skills and probing eye in the areas of investigation and prosecution of matters relating to corporate fraud, she adds to the strength of the firm in the field. Her analytical skills  are an asset to the firm. Her interests are also lie in the area of litigation of matters relating to family law, child sexual abuse, protection from domestic violence as part of community related services of the firm.



Purushotham M S is the lead lawyer  and Senior Associate (Litigation) at ReachLaw. He is longstanding counsel working for the firm. He is known for his commitment. Patient hearing, incisive analysis, problem solving skills and his familiarity with law, courts and their functioning  make him an asset to the firm. Many clients vouch for his commitment and expertise in litigation matters. Unassuming and very soft spoken, a man who makes difference in matters of litigation. Has large body of Pro Bono litigation for underprivileged and margialized groups more particularly to LGBTi groups in Southern India.

Advisory Team

ReachLaw boasts of team of advisors, senior professionals and litigation attorneys across India.  Our senior professionals are from diverse and rich legal background who are nationally and internationally recognized and honored for their outstanding contribution to society.  ReachLaw also boasts of excellent team of associate counsels across India.

Domain Advisors

Praveen Chandrashekar

M P Mohan

Ashok G.V

Dr.Sampurna Behura

Sunil Rao


CB Gururaj Delhi

Vijay Hiremath, Mumbai

Srinivasamurthy. Hyderabad

Kandaswamy, Chennai

Aasha, Kochi

Rajesh, Sangama

Elavarthi Manohar

Arvind Narrain, ALF

Akkai Padmashali

Ravi Rebba Pragada

Sridhar Ramamurthy


TSS Mani, Chennai

Prof.Babu Mathew

Sebi Devaraj


Bharathkumar, Chennai

Aarti Pai

Meena Seshu

Advocate Aarathi

Advocate Sowmya Bhatt

Advocate Sahana